Burleigh Miami Difference


Don’t you love the way every-one claims to offer the best service. They all claim to be the best, one way or another. But who really is the best? And how can you be sure? How often  have you spent lots of time looking around for a property in Burleigh Heads or Burleigh Waters and you finally decided to go with an agent who said they were the best. But it turned out they just couldn’t deliver.


Perhaps you own a property in Miami, Palm Beach or Varsity and you would like to move to Burleigh Waters or take in the views at Burleigh Heads. Perhaps you have spoken to agents who seem to be great at the start but just when you really need to know what’s going on you can’t get a straight answer? How did that make you feel? It’s disappointing isn’t it?


Well we understand. Just like you, we don’t like to be let down. We don’t like to be kept in the dark either. And neither do you. So guess what? Here at Burleigh Miami Realty we have been creating lifestyle solutions for our friends and clients for many years. We love this area through Burleigh Heads, Burleigh Waters, Miami,Palm Beach and Varsity. We think this is one of the best places to live on the planet and we can’t help telling everyone about it.


We love helping people. We offer the highest level of communication. Not just the odd phone call here or there either! We believe in great communication! We hope you do too! In fact we believe the key to a happy relationship and a successful outcome is keeping you informed at every step. We let you know what is going on. We love helping people to create a lifestyle solution that suits them and their family.


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