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The main reason to consider furnishing an investment property would be to increase the annual income return. A furnished property can provide these additional returns above the standard rent, as tenants are willing to pay more for the convenience of moving into a furnished property and possibly being able to rent for a shorter-term. While…Read More→

Why Do Rents Fluctuate?

WHY DO RENTS FLUCTUATE? If the rent for every property we owned covered the mortgage payment, we would probably be far more relaxed. But for the majority of investors this is generally not the reality. More investors than not, are relying on the weekly rent to meet payments and expenses and we understand the importance…Read More→

Rosie Hough

I would recommend Rosemary to anyone wishing to use an agent to sell their home. I was always kept informed of what was happening, I knew that if I asked a question I would get an answer. She helped through the settlement process I couldn’t haven’t been happier. Kiam Goodrick