Welcome to beautiful Miami Real Estate from the team at Burleigh Miami Realty


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Relax at beautiful Miami.


Enjoy spending time with your family on Miami’s clean white sand or surf and swim in the clear blue ocean or walk or ride your push bike along the tracks beside the beach.


Watch the whales like Migoloo swimming past, relax at one of the Surf Clubs with a fine meal, a coffee or a cold beer.


Miami creates a lifestyle to suit all walks of life from families, to surfing to retirement to just having great fun on a holiday. Whether for fitness or just fun you can walk around the beautiful North Burleigh Headland walking trails.


Miami has great schools like Miami State High and Primary School. There is an abundance of easy shopping at any one of the local shops or visit Miami One Shopping Centre, Coles or a range of specialty food outlets.


Miami offers a great range of real estate lifestyle options from apartments and units overlooking the beach to modern houses, homes and duplexes or older style houses on the hill with great views all the way to Surfers Paradise.


If your dream lifestyle includes relaxed family fun, great schools, easy shopping, great ocean views, surfing and fun in the sun then Miami is for you.


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